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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
"Cella femminile" Marche 990
Amiens 575 or earlier 900-999 (10th century); refounded for secular canons in 1073
(name unknown) Lazio 1285 or earlier
"Augustinerinnenkloster" Germany, Bavaria 1460 or earlier 1572 (circa)
(name unknown) Marche 1269 (22 August)
Ad Luna female Lazio 461-468
Seauve-Benite 6C 1128 or earlier
Poulangy 6G 800-830 (circa); Refounded c. 1200
la Lande-en-Beauchene 6P 1110
la Couronne 6R 1116 or earlier 1129 (see below)
Clairets, les 6N 1204
S. Maria de Valldemaria Catalonia 1156 or just before 1543 (see "Incorporated by," below)
North Ormsby Double Monastery Lincolnshire 1148-54. 1538
S. Spirito Piedmont 1214 or earlier 1802 -- the monastery buildings were transferred to the oblates of S. Carlo in 1828
Name unknown Piedmont 1228
S. Caterina Umbria 1302-1327 1860
Barthe 1204
S. Spirito Tuscany
Southhampton 959 or before 1066 or earlier; perhaps as early as 996
S. Chiara 1453 or earlier 1641 (see "Incorporated By," below). Re-founded between 1643 and 1647 as <C2671>, a Benedictine community.
Herbitzheim 6K 740 (circa)
S. Orens 6L 1095 (circa)
Munsterbilzen Belisia Limbourg 650-700. Refounded: 10th century. 800-900 (9th century); then to canons only sometime after 1100
le Mans (S. Julien) 6P 1050 (circa)
Dorisel Flanders (East) 1227-1231
Toul (S. Gengoul) 6K 970 (circa) 1059 or earlier
S. Clara Catalonia 1383 1582
S. Leonardo Apulia 1368 or earlier (could be much earlier; all we know is that, at this date, the community definitely existed)
S. Cecilia Piedmont
S. Salvatore Marche 1223 (June 16)
San Paolo delle Abbadesse Umbria
S. Lorenzo inter vineas 1235, 23 July
S. Margarida del Pla 1268 or earlier 1307: translated to <C1258>, until their extinction in 1461.
Aglaien-sisterhood 1391 1580 (circa)
Valsauve 6I 1217 or earlier
Rieunette 6I 1162 or earlier
Monthieux 6U 587 (circa)
Fongrave 6A 1130
Annonay 6U 1226 (circa) 1348
Bonlieu 6U 1171
S. Agatha 1313 (circa)
Molare Piedmont 1275-1277 (see "Incorporated Communities," below).
S. Trinità Marche 816 (circa): this is the year in which the church was consecrated.
Maggiore di Monte Mascarano 1235 or earlier 1413 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria Maddalena
S. Appolinare
Yerres 6T 1134
S. Gemme 6F 1148